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She turned the faucet handle and splashed her face with cold water. But, alas, nothing changed. The door creaked and a boy who looked about 12 walked in the bathroom. Eileen started at him out of the corner of her eye as she watched him lift both the lids on the toilet seat. He was also only wearing a pair of boxers. The deepness of her voice surprised her.
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Urine Trouble, a loud house fanfic | FanFiction

After running for several blocks, he finally reached the door of the inn only to find the door locked and a note on it saying:. Anna and I have a surprise for you and the rest of the boys in the playground at the park. Be there at A mother and her son walking by the house, heard the idiotic remark. The mother immediately covered her son's ears and ran off. Unfortunately for Horohoro, as he was unzipping his shorts to pee, a police officer walked up the street, quickly catching an eye to what the Ainu was about to do. Horo, realizing the officer was about to catch him pissing in public, zipped up his shorts so fast, he nearly caught himself.
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Author's note: First thing I've written and not meant to be taken too seriously. Lori was inside the bathroom applying makeup, brushing her hair, doing all those things necessary to look her very best for the day. Then go!
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Pleasuring oneself with icing, hunger via stomach growling , farting, burping, hiccuping, having normal sex, and now, peeing. I wouldn't be surprised if I did a crying fetish fic soon at the rate I'm going. Oh Meloetta, how your beauty overtook me. Though I do hope that I don't go overboard. Cause if I do, then
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